Dec 23, 2012

Promnight out.

It's been ages and there are some major changes in my life. had a looooovely promnight though.

Jul 2, 2012

We were friends and lovers and clueless clowns.

Time a go, on Queensday. Never mind my head.  
Hello! How are you guys doing? I'm feeling quite alright, eventhough the weather is kinda weird. If I take a look through my window now, it actually looks great, but if I'll watch 5 minutes later it is full of rain again. It even hailed yesterday! In summer!? Well, at least the sun is shining now. The day of my mum's marriage was great! The weather was good, and it was quite fun (: I think I will post some pictures later, 'cause we haven't recieved them all yet. Tomorrow I will visit my dad, his wife and my halfbrother Luuk at the other side of the country for about a week. I've missed Luuk so much. Can't wait so see him again. Finaly cuddle him and watch him fall a sleep. (: My boss doesn't appreciate it, because allmost everyone is on haliday, so he hasn't got a lot of employees than, but I hope it will be OK. Need to stop writing now because I have to pick up my final Report. I couldn't make it Fryday while I was at the wedding, so I have to go to  school now. See you! Lots of love, Lois Lane

(I will probably buy tickets for their concert i the HMH this october <3)

Jun 26, 2012

I know we'll make it anywhere away from here

Photo booth
Hi there! So, finaly there is some great weather. Well, to be honest it still isn't perfect, but I just pretend it is by wearing shorts while just being home. (: Yesterday I brought my books back to school (you rent them in here.) and after that I went to Rotterdam for some shopping. I didn't buy a lot (read: allmost nothing) wich is actually a good thing for my bank account, haha. Anyway, I had a great time, I love my friends, they're amazing. We have kind of a tradition: everytime we visit a place for shopping, not near we take photo's in a photo booth. (Allmost) never charming, haha. Tonight I will see them all again cause we have a little knees. It all started with a joke. Some of them told if they would have an 8/10 on there transcript at the end of the year, they would throw a party. Well, they kept their promises (: Now I really need to clean up my room. My mum have planned to dress here. Not everyday of course, but she is actually getting married this Fryday! Time really does fly. Speak to you soon! Lots of love, Lois Lane

Jun 24, 2012

What if I wanted to break?

Hey you all, in wich 'all' actually means 'no one'. I don't really think any one will ever read this, but hey, I'll just keep on writing for now. As you be able to see, I edited my page a bit. It isn't quit special, but I think it's OK for now. It's better in any case than it was first. So, my holidays are kinda started (HELL YEAH!), so hopefully I'll find out to work with some htmlcodes and stuff to make it look better. (: I'm not in a really good mood, but it's alright. I had planned to go to 'parkpop' in the Hague today, but the weather is bad and my friends couldn't make it. Too bad, because I thought I was finaly going to see Boyce Avenue. Check them out on here (CLICK). Oh, for your information: my taste in music is really broad. I really like this kind of stuff, but I allso love the more 'rocky' and louder things. Thinking about that: I'll put a link of what I'm listening to at the moment at the end of every blogpost, that might be nice to see (listen..) what I like. If anyone is actually reading this, leave a comment, haha. Lots of love, Lois Lane

Jun 17, 2012

Blogspot debute

Hi guys! So, this is my first post ever and it's written at the moment I really should be doing things for school. I was thinking about starting a blog for ages now and today I just did it. As you can see it's in English. I think English is quit easy to understand and read, but I also think I should speak and write it way better than I actually do. This will be great to improve my writing-skills. In three days school will be over (well, at least for this year.) and I'm so excited about that. Really, really can't wait. I have no idea how this all works, but the layout and that kind of stuff will be better soon! See you. :)    Lots of loveLois Lane.