Jun 24, 2012

What if I wanted to break?

Hey you all, in wich 'all' actually means 'no one'. I don't really think any one will ever read this, but hey, I'll just keep on writing for now. As you be able to see, I edited my page a bit. It isn't quit special, but I think it's OK for now. It's better in any case than it was first. So, my holidays are kinda started (HELL YEAH!), so hopefully I'll find out to work with some htmlcodes and stuff to make it look better. (: I'm not in a really good mood, but it's alright. I had planned to go to 'parkpop' in the Hague today, but the weather is bad and my friends couldn't make it. Too bad, because I thought I was finaly going to see Boyce Avenue. Check them out on here (CLICK). Oh, for your information: my taste in music is really broad. I really like this kind of stuff, but I allso love the more 'rocky' and louder things. Thinking about that: I'll put a link of what I'm listening to at the moment at the end of every blogpost, that might be nice to see (listen..) what I like. If anyone is actually reading this, leave a comment, haha. Lots of love, Lois Lane

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